Book Reviews

Joyce Harries third book, A Wise Old Girl’s Own Almanac, is a delight. She is a wise old girl. This book follows, Girdles and Other Harnesses I Have Known, and Twice in a Blue Moon. She talks of growing up an only child in western Canada during depression times. Late husband Hu Harries was a city of Edmonton alderman, Liberal Member of Parliament, and Dean of the University of Alberta’s business faculty. They raised five children, had ranches and vineyards … You pick up this book and read a poem, a short story, a food article with recipes (including her famous sweet and sour pepper jelly) or read the whole thing … honest … bittersweet … funny … a potpourri of all sorts of wonderful things … can’t believe she’s still doing it … and so well … quite wonderful.

Laurie Greenwood, CBC Radio Active October 30, 2013