"…the format is wonderful and so unapologetically feminine. We do mentally skip from practicalities of meals to memories to regrets, and out of it come nuggets of humor and wisdom. The inexorable logic of the male mind doesn't always appreciate this. Your book is a great gift."
Ruth McRae

"You made me stay up reading till 4:30 this morning. I could relate to so much you wrote… I sent a copy to my sister in Washington D.C who loved it and asked for 4 copies for friends."
Dee Macdonnell

"...a gorgeous, quirky and interesting book."
Di Brandt
Windsor, Ontario

"It may amuse you to know that the book I read after Girdles was Margaret Salinger's memoir of her life as the daughter of J.D.Salinger. It was as depressing as your book was the opposite. Next weekend I plan to read Girdles again as an antidote."
"Jake" Howard

"…I loved your book. I cried here and I cried there and I laughed and I felt the pangs a wife and mother felt. What a beautiful love story and tribute to your husband. I have purchased several copies for Christmas gifts. Could I get you to autograph them?"
Elizabeth Vetsch

"…a lovely book…your whole attitude to life is an inspiration to younger women."
Helen Primrose

"…am intrigued and fascinated by turns. A lovely book. I hope in 20 years time I'll have your wisdom and balance. You write beautifully. I find myself picking it up at any odd time of day because it's the sort of book it's possible to do that with…I sent Girdles to my sister in Oxford. I know she too will enjoy it."
Sarah Fawssett
Bath, England

"…wonderful. I reread it. It is next to my bed."
Susi Bork
Chipman, Alberta

"I loved the book…bought the last two copies at my bookstore and sent one copy
to my daughter in Baltimore."
Karen Evans

"…charming, evocative and quite wonderful book…marvelous structure. I love the
way you have seamed everything together, poems, recipes and memories."
Joan Fox

"…your book has inspired me to treasure every moment I have with my soulmate. I will look forward to reading your next book. I hope I won't have to wait too long!"
Brenda Martell
Vancouver B.C

"I bought 5 more copies of your book and have ordered 5 more…gave Girdles to a
cousin in Virginia who said "the pleasure of revisiting the past reminds me of Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood."
Mary Kendall
Coquitlam, B.C.

"…received your book for my 82 birthday. I read it from cover to cover and know that I will be picking it up again to re-read certain parts that I related to so well."
Buffy McCormick
Cobourg, Ontario