Reader Feedback

“Thought your book, written by a stout hearted, petite gal, no holds barred, lovely and very touching. Could also identify with much of your humour. Did enjoy it. Very inspiring.…

Sue Strain, Salt Spring Island, and Calgary

“Enjoying your book. You have lived an interesting life and have a wonderful way of telling it.…

Bonnie Austen, Edmonton

“What a delightful presentation you gave at the Senior’s Centre. Your reading of your words made it come alive. You have a captivating voice and good sense of humor. Your book, “A Wise Old Girl’s Own Almanac” will be enjoyed. I had heard you once before at the Women’s Canadian Club a few years ago. I wish you every success as you continue to write and delight your readers.…

Ruthanna Elson, Edmonton

“Belated but elated feedback on my experience of your latest memoir/poetry/recipe collection. My mother and aunts loved Girdles (the book, that is) so much, I had to buy them copies of your wise old almanac. Kept a copy for myself, and of all the books I received at Christmas, it was the first I turned to and then couldn’t put it down until I’d read the last word. Such a treat to live your experiences through you …

Jeananne Kathol Kirwin, Edmonton

“I’ve just finished reading “A Wise Old Girl’s Own Almanac” and feel I’m writing to a friend. … I often see couples holding hands and my heart breaks all over again. … I wanted the stories to go on and on. Your writing is so expressive but the endings come too suddenly. I wanted more of the pain, the joy and the laughter. I think I will re-read it tomorrow. … Thank you for writing it.

Shirley Dolby, Campden, Ontario

“I have to tell you how much joy your book has given me over the holidays when free time was scarce. … I hope you feel great knowing so many people have your book by their bed, as I have. It will be there giving me a big smile for a long time. Best wishes for your next book.

Fred Ritchie, Penticton, B.C.

“…laid up with nasty flu and read your “Wise Old Girl’s Own Almanac” … a thorough delight … honest, humorous and made me darn hungry. Thank you so much for sharing your family journey with me … I felt honoured … thanks again for your wonderful book.”

John Leppard, Edmonton

“I can’t begin to tell you how much a loved “Girdles and Other Harnesses I Have Known”, and am now trying to make “A Wise Old Girl’s Own Almanac” NOT end. Every page has been a reading treat. Many thanks for such enjoyable reading hours.”

Janet Kelly, Edmonton

“Joyce, your reading was a delight. Congratulations.”

Marilyn Turner, Edmonton

“Your book is brilliant. Your attitude to life so balanced. Inspiring.”

Sarah Fawssett, Bath, England

“I’m enjoying your new book. But more than that, I’m inspired by the life you have lived – and continue to live! You actually take my breath away.”

Dolores Bell, Edmonton

“Read till well after midnight. Loved every page, especially the stories of your life. The peaks and valleys and how well you coped, with positive attitude, humor and happy memories. Enjoyed your fiction, poems, recipes, photos and granddaughter Tasli’s adorable illustrations.”

Donna Quigley, Calgary

“You did it again! Your book, “A Wise Old Girl’s Own Almanac” is something to brag about. I devoured it in two days. I especially enjoyed your stories about ranch life, though certainly don’t envy you some of those experiences. I can’t fathom such a hectic life but do recall struggling to shut a gate in a barbed wire fence. Your choice of words, sensory images and concise sentences make your writing come alive.”

Myrtle Nicholson, Edmonton

“Thank you for your book. I didn’t want it to end. Loved the food and recipe stories and of course the family parts too. Keep writing and maybe lean over the fence and ask a lonely student to join you. You’ve done your time in the itchen but I’m glad to know you still love it, work hard at it and still watch Jello shake in a bowl. Thanks again – great book.”

Mufty Mathewson, Edmonton

“Loved the book – couldn’t put it down. What a beautiful love story.”

Elizabeth Vetsch, Edmonton

“Your book is great. I’m sure you’re justifiably proud of it.”

Eunice Scarfe, Victoria and Edmonton

“Your book so full of beautiful descriptions made me very nostalgic. You’ve captured deep down memories of Alberta. I love the way you interspersed the book with mouth-watering recipes and delightful poetry. Bless you for loving your husband so dearly. I ordered 5 books with 3 more on my list. Your grandaughter’s drawings are adorable.”

Liz Hyde, Calgary

“I read you most wonderful book till 2:00 this morning. Vowed I'd get copies for my daughters as fast as I can.”

Elva Gallagher, Calgary

“In this small book of poetry, stories and recipes the author explores the mysteries of childhood, love and romance, family life, the joy of eating as well as the changes that occur with the passage of time. These stories are easy to relate to as they flow gently and reflect upon intimate human relationships. A great deal can be learned about living a full life from this 'wise old girl'. A delightful reading experience.”

Kay Dier, Edmonton

“In a cultural climate that inundates us with sound bites of information, leaving us emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually undernourished, A Wise Old Girl’s Own Almanac offers a smorgasbord of poetry, recipes, short stories, and personal remembrances that satisfies and delights. With gentle and straightforward wit, author Joyce Harries skillfully sifts and kneads through her pantry of memories, wordplay, and observations with a balanced combination of wistfulness, pragmatism, and optimism.”

Renee Layberry, FriesenPress Editor