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In 1948 Joyce Harries turned twenty on her honeymoon with Hu Harries. He was a romantic, entrepreneurial, professor, politician, rancher husband, and Joyce learned much at his side. They had six children though their eldest son died in the polio epidemic of 1953. Their life together revolved around their children, three ranches, vineyards, service clubs, the University of Alberta, where Hu was the dean of the business faculty. Her life was also enriched when he was a city councilor and a member of parliament under Pierre Elliot Trudeau. She was also a runway model for twenty-five years.

Joyce became a widow at fifty-eight when Hu died at sixty-four, with his boots on, in the saddle, while competing in a riding competition. She became a florist for weddings and conventions, catered, and was the proprietor of artist’s and writer’s retreats.

In her late sixties she began writing creatively. Then her world began to change again. She has had three books published, Girdles and Other Harnesses I Have Known, Twice in a Blue Moon and A Wise Old Girl’s Own Almanac.

She has spouted poetry in café’s and became a guest speaker talking about the twists and turns in her world and the possibilities that await those who try something new in later life. People reading her books have gained insight through reflection on their own walk of life. She is presently working on a novel.


Joyce has received three Alberta Foundation for the Arts grants. In 2016 she received the John W. Bilsland Mentor Award for inspiring writers in the 55+ sector.

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